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Mom's Birthday

Today is my Mom's 65th Birthday.

My Sister Bekki planned a party for her tonight and asked our friends and family to send her a card or note.  The hope was to get 65 little notes :) I of course was unable to be at the party, so I wrote her this letter.  Enjoy!

Mom's Birthday
March 10, 1976   A day you will soon not forget… Not necessarily because I entered the world, but also because it is a day that you experienced terrifying, adrenaline filled adventure!  I am certain that telling Dad that you were in labor was exciting enough, but to then realize that you were in fact at the pushing stage while still in the car on Highway 99 was sheer terror! Dad's response, ever so Dad, was to take matters into his capable cars hands! Speeding down that road, jumping the railroad tracks (is that true?) and being deposited at the emergency room doors without a moment to spare! I entered the world like a whirlwind, with Dad still parking the car!  Haha!
I don't really feel like I was your…

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