Lately, there have been changes.  

Lately, we are seeing God at work. 

Lately, there has been excitement.

Here goes.  

After a year or more of much prayer and sitting at the feet of Christ, Ben and I, under the what we feel leading/calling of Christ,  have decided with much sadness that our time here at camp is coming to a close.  God has been challenging us to take a huge leap of faith and change our lives, and therefore our kids' lives, and move on.  

We absolutely cherish the time we have spent here at EIBC.  The time we have grown as a family, and Ben and I as a couple is just a treasure to us.  When we started here at camp we were coming from a time in our lives that was hard.  Ben was working treacherous hours, and I was attempting to hold everything together.  The move to camp was such a huge answer to prayer, and God was definitely in the move.  He provided in such astounding ways then and has continued to prove to us that He is able.  We know that He loves us.  

In much the same way, He is proving His loving faithfulness to us now.  The things that have happened are really, humanly speaking, impossible.  

Let me tell you....

In the span of one week, Ben had been approached and interviewed for a job, I had been approached about a job, and we found a house in our price range, (which was peanuts).  

Ben took a job at Amana Farms, currently working on the cattle side of the business.  He will eventually transition to a position of Carpenter for the Amana Farms.  I took a postion at Amana Elementary School as an part time associate, and we have now purchased a home in Main Amana.  Ben is enjoying his job, I enjoy my job and the hours work great for our family, and the house is, well, it's amazing.  It is an Amana home, with all the character of an Amana home.  It has 4 bedrooms, is located in an area with much yard, and is close to the best fishing in Amana.  Jonah's dream come true.  There are also trees in our yard, the girls want a tree house. :) God came through with these request of the kids.  We are in the process of renovating the downstairs of the home.  The upstairs needs carpet and paint, and we will add a bathroom eventually for the kids.  The downstairs needed some attention.  We have leveled the floors, tore out the existing bathroom and kitchen, and are in the process of putting it all back together, in hopes of moving in a few weeks.  

To say that God has been in all of this is an understatement to us.  We have worked at camp for 9 years.  We have no equity to roll over into another home, nor have we much savings.  For us to be able to buy a house was out of the question, we thought.  Nothing is out of the question for God.  Nothing.  I don't normally talk of money things, but let me tell you.... we bought the house for $23,000.  It appraised for more than that, which means we got instant equity.  What???? Yep!  Nothing is out of the question for God.  Nothing.  

We are continually reminded of how big our God is and in fact how small we are.  We are going through a new sermon series at church.  Going through the book of Romans, yep it's great.  Check it out.  You won't be disappointed. Veritas Iowa City

Our family has been very encouraged by all that has been happening lately. Our kids are aware of what is going on, and they are excited too.  We really wanted them to understand what living in faith looks like, and we have been blown away by what God has given.  Thank you Lord for that!  That one thing alone is priceless to Ben and I.  

We are excited and standing by for what God is going to do next.  I am certain He will not disappoint :)

This is a view from our new yard.  


Sharlyn Guthrie said…
I'm very happy for all of you! God was surely in this. It's a sad day for EIBC, but I know He will provide for the camp, as well.

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