Again with the Lately! But here it is!

Lately, there are more changes.

Lately, we are seeing God work.

Lately, we are excited!

Here goes...

After our fall of transitions, we have continually been in prayer for any opportunities that would use us as a family.  Amana has been a wonderful place for our family.  The school has been great for me, as a first "post SAHM" job. The farm has been good for Ben, and the kids have transitioned beautifully to the new district.  

We have been greatly encouraged by our Church, and the relationships that have been built there.  We had our first Church service Easter Sunday at The Chrome Horse in Cedar Rapids.  The official count was 225 people in attendance. Some familiar faces, some not.  What an exciting time, seeing people come together!  We are truly excited to see what God is doing through Veritas Cedar Rapids!  

About 2 months ago, Ben got a call from a company in Dallas Texas asking if he would consider coming down to talk about a possible job opportunity.  This is actually the company where my Brother-in-Law Steve works, and Ben and Steve have always dreamed of working together. We prayed asking God to guide us if we should even bother going.  We honestly were content in where God had us, and what we were doing, but after much consideration, we decided to go and at least hear them out, spend time with our family there, and enjoy some warmth.  We spent 4 days in Texas, Ben job shadowing, me hanging with Amanda and chasing after their 5 kids :)  Oh, I love them oodles!  We left feeling a bit confused.  What was God asking us to do?  Was there a clear answer that we were unwilling to see?  Was our pride in the way?  We gave it one more week of praying, and with confidence and peace we decided to take the position and move to Texas.  We are not sure what is in store for us, and can't explain or defend the choice or the peace we have  We have been unable to deny it.  So we are going to walk in that direction with heavy heart, in faith, believing that this is where God wants to use us.

So, here are the details...  Ben will start his job on April 15.  He is a Project Manager.  The company is called Museum Arts.  They in short, make museums. The exhibits, the technology, and the major ins and outs of of almost anything you see at a museum.  So, Ben will leave on April 13, and the kids and I will be staying here until the end of the school year.  Ben will be living with his sister and brother in law while looking for a home for us.  In the mean time, I will be tying up the loose ends here, finishing strong with the kids, and spending time with our families.  On the bright side, we have already sold our house!!  God has seen fit to take care of all of that!  That is a huge answer to prayer!  That has weighed a bit heavy on us since we only bought it 6 months ago. 

While this is a bittersweet thing for us, we are excited about what is in store for us in Texas.  We have a bit of a head start there, as we have family and many friends that live in the area, plus Chase and Abby are at Ft. Hood.  (Chase is a brother from another mother.... no for real, :) he is my brother, Eddie's son!)  Which is not too far.  It's only 12 hours from Iowa.  Mom and Eddie are retiring this spring.  Ben's family can hit 2 birds with one stone with both Amanda and Ben being there.  Both families can vacation there, as there is so much to do in Dallas!  We are excited!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support of our family over these last several months.  We love you and appreciate you.  Come visit!


Amy Armstrong said…
Wow so excited for your family! Walking in trust and faith in God is the only way to live. I have been praying for your family a lot lately and would love to see you soon. Texas vacation oh ya! Thanks for sharing:)
This move would actually make you CLOSER to me, though I'm sure your family is sad to see you move farther away. ((hugs)) We already have planned a family vacation to Dallas in August, so we will have to get together! Also, please PLEASE know that if any of you or your family needs a free place to sleep on a roadtrip to Dallas, we live right off the highway and would love to entertain. :) Miss you friend!

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